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AdvanTex® Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Orenco®  designs and manufactures advanced wastewater treatment products for all decentralized wastewater applications, from single homes to whole communities. Currently, more than 30,000 AdvanTex textile filter units are treating residential, commercial, and municipal wastewater, all over the world.

Our patented AdvanTex Treatment System is a compact and efficient recirculating packed-bed filter. Packed-bed filters have proven to be a highly reliable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance technology. However, unlike other packed-bed filters — ones that use sand, peat, foam, or other materials for the treatment media — AdvanTex uses a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-maintain textile fabric.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are also very easy to live with. They’re quiet and emit minimal odors. Plus, our residential and commercial-sized units have a very low profile, so they blend right into the landscaping.

Orenco AdvanTex Treatment Systems
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