Electrical Vaults

Glacier Precast Concrete provides electrical vaults in standard single (1) phase, standard three (3) phase vaults and as always we can meet any custom needs you may have.  Our standard vaults meet Flathead Electric Cooperative’s specifications and we have an available variant model approved by Mission Valley Power.  We can produce vaults to meet any company’s specifications, let us know what we can do for you. 

Our electrical vaults provide the highest level of protection for your electrical equipment with recessed lids that interlock with the vault body itself.  This interlocking design keeps the lid in place even if struck by a vehicle, protecting your electrical plant and providing a high level of safety in case of an accident.  These durable vaults can be backfilled using native soils without any concern for damage of the vault itself.  Furthermore, precast electrical vaults are more cost effective than fiberglass or polymer options and require less maintenance.

Our vaults come with a variety of standard options and, as always, we can meet any custom needs you may have. Our standard vaults can have 4” or 6” duct terminations and vaults can be cast with an open bottom and knockouts to retain existing cable.  Vault lids can be cast closed with no opening or with an opening and bolt pattern to fit specific electrical equipment. Vault lids can also be over-sized if a bigger pad around the equipment is required.  Ground conductor is bonded and cast directly into the vault to easily ground electrical equipment and provide safety for the technicians working on the electrical plant. All closed bottom vaults have cast in drain knockouts that can also be utilized for ground rod placement if one is required inside the vault. 

Vault installation requires no special lifting equipment or rigging and can be easily placed with most digger derricks, excavators or backhoes.  We can provide delivery and placement of the electrical vaults with our crane trucks if needed.

Glacier Precast Concrete also can provide many other products to meet your utility needs including manholes, trench way, control buildings, precast piers, and oil containment catch basins. As always we can also meet any other custom needs you may have.



Single Phase Electrical Vault

Plan, Elevation & Assembly Drawing                                       1PH_Electrical_Vault.pdf

Three Phase Electrical Vault

Plan, Elevation & Assembly Drawing                                       3PH_Electrical_Vault.pdf



Septic Systems

Glacier Precast Concrete is a full service septic system provider for all domestic systems. Not only do we provide concrete septic and effluent tanks in sizes ranging from 500-10,000 gallons, we can design your system from the ground up and assist in the permitting process. This includes custom tanks that fit your application.  We are also a vendor of all plastic pipe and fittings, Infiltrator systems, in-tank effluent filters, effluent and grinder pumps, concrete or plastic risers, lids and more. We also offer pump pre-installation, delivering tanks ready to install. Our ample inventory generally allows us to deliver all the materials needed to place your entire septic system on the same truck that delivers and places your tank!

If your system calls for a more advanced design (sewage treatment system), we are an authorized dealer for Orenco and Advantex systems including filtration pods, control panels, alarm systems, vents, risers and lids.

We also provide grease interceptor tanks, water cisterns, well houses, fire fill sites, cellars and lift stations. Glacier Precast Concrete has a solution for all your standard or custom tank needs.  

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks For Gravity Feed Systems  
1000 Gallon Tank w/Optional 2-Compartment wall 1000 Septic.pdf
1500 Gallon Septic Tank 1500 Septic.pdf
2000 Gallon 2-Compartment Septic Tank 2000 Septic.pdf
2500 Gallon 2-Compartment Septic Tank 2500 Septic.pdf
3000 Gallon 2-Compartment Septic Tank 3000 Septic.pdf
Septic/Pump Chamber Tanks For Dosing Systems  
500 Gallon Pumping Chamber 500 Pump Chamber.pdf
1000/500 Gallon Septic/Pump Chamber 1000_500 Septic_Pump Chamber.pdf
1000/500 Gallon Septic/Pump Chamber w/ Dosing Siphon                 1000_500 Siphon.pdf
1000/500 Gallon Septic Tank Effluent Pump (S.T.E.P) 1000_500 S.T.E.P.pdf
1500/500 Gallon Septic/Pump Chamber 1500_500 Septic_Pump Chamber.pdf
1500/500 Gallon Septic/Pump Chamber Shallow Tank 1500_500 Shallow Septic_Pump Chamber.pdf
2000/1000 Gallon Septic/Pump Chamber 2000_1000 Septic_Pump Chamber.pdf

Water Cisterns








Well Houses


Glacier Precast Concrete provides two sizes of standard well houses to fit the customer’s needs.  The standard sizes are 500 gallon and 1000 gallon well houses but, as always, we can meet your custom needs.  All of our well houses are built with over-size lids to facilitate easy installment of pressure tanks and all needed equipment. Precast well houses are an excellent solution to protect your well equipment, keep water lines and equipment from freezing and eliminate the cost associated with heating a conventional above ground well house over the life time of your well. 

Precast well houses also save space in tight areas as compared to above ground buildings and can be built with traffic rated lids and risers if needed.  We provide a full line of risers and lids in concrete and PVC as well as cast iron grade rings and lids if required. We can also deliver and place your well house with one of our crane trucks saving you expense and time during installation.


Well House Drawings

  • 500 Gallon Well House                                                                                                                      500 Well House.pdf
  • 1000 Gallon Single Compartment Well House                                                                          1000 Well House.pdf

Box Culverts



Lift Stations

Fire Fill Sites