Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Glacier Precast utilizes Magnum Stone. Magnum Stone is a popular retaining wall material because of its two installation options. You can choose between The Gravity Wall or The Geogrid Wall to meet your specific needs. They are commonly used to support slopes, to create level areas in hilly landscapes, and to contain or separate different materials or areas. The Magnum Stones are easy for contractors to install, cost less than natural stone and can be stained to look like natural rock.

retaining wall blocks holding a slope

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    • Magnum Stone Gravity Wall
      partial photo of gravity retaining wall and street with trees in background

      Gravity (PMB) Precast Modular Block retaining wall systems are structures lower in height that use the MagnumStone™ unit weight combined with gravel core infill to resist earth pressures behind and on top of the wall. The 2”/unit (4.5 degree or 1”/vertical foot) batter or setback of the MagnumStone™ wall along with proper soil conditions below and behind the wall provide the stability of the structure.

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    • Magnum Stone Geogrid Wall
      Geogrid wall overlooking a lake and harbor

      Geogrid Retaining Walls are used to reinforce the soil mass behind the MagnumStone™ units to create tall retaining wall systems. Wall structures that may require geogrid reinforcement to resist the increased pressures behind the wall are parking lots, roadways, water applications or positive slopes above. Geogrid used with the appropriate lengths, layers, and compacted backfill materials will resist these active forces above and behind the wall. The use of Geogrid reinforcements with the MagnumStone™ system is very cost-effective for very tall wall structures.

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