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We make planters, stair treads, picnic tables, benches, signs, steps, and bird baths to help you make a beautiful statement in your landscaping. We also make 40” SONO tubes to help you build your deck or small wood structure and get the footings below the frost line. The links below give your further details.

Glacier Precast Concrete staircase

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    • Park Planter
      Glacier Precast Concrete Park Planter at night with lights installed on one

      Park Planters are beautifully sculpted and finished in a light sandblast finish to create an impressive precast planter. These planters are 9’ by 9’ with 20” exposed above ground to create a perfect place to sit and enjoy the scenery. They are drained and can be equipped with under-bench lighting for safety and aesthetics.

    • Stair Treads
      Glacier Precast Concrete staircase

      Precast Stair Treads are available up to 48″ wide and are poured to desired length based on customer requirements. Bolt inserts are cast into bottom of step for easy installation. Treads are broom finished for safety and aesthetic appeal. These precast treads are durable, attractive and easy to install. They are available with a visibility and or traction embedment if needed.

    • Trash Enclosure
      Glacier Precast Concrete Trash enclosure with paver design on side

      Trash Enclosures combine the durability of concrete with attractive architectural finishes and easy installation to create a high quality product line to fit any need. These enclosures are expandable to accommodate multiple receptacles as well as available in a variety of colors, finishes and textures ranging from wood grain to stone. Gates can be preinstalled or placed in the field per customer request. We can deliver and set the enclosures completely assembled with our fleet of crane trucks saving time and installation cost.

    • Rectangular Picnic Table
      Glacier Precast Concrete picnic bench on gravel

      Rectangular Picnic Tables: Our rectangular picnic tables are ADA Compliant, and feature a very nicely finished flat top and benches with exposed aggregate on the support structure for a very attractive package. Colored concrete is available as an option.

    • Round Picnic Table
      Glacier Precast Concrete Round picnic table

      Round Picnic Tables are a convenient option if a round table better suits your space requirements. Featuring a 40″ round table top and convenient round bench, this provides ample seating for four adults.

    • Bench
      Glacier Precast Concrete Bench in the snow outside a storefront

      Benches are available with or without a backrest, in a number of finish options to include colored concrete, exposed aggregate, smooth or broom finish, and a concrete base slab. They can also be imbedded with plaques.

    • Flower Pots & Bird Baths
      Glacier Precast Concrete flower pot with flowers in it

      Flower Pots and Bird Baths are a local favorite. Both come in a variety of finishes including colored concrete or exposed aggregate. Beautiful Flathead Valley stone is very attractive, and a smooth finish is generally applied to the inside. Flower Pots are approx. 36″ OD x 24″ Ht. and Bird baths are 30″ OD x 42″ Ht.

    • Custom Signs
      Glacier Precast Concrete Sign

      Glacier Precast has completed some very impressive structures for signage at local hospitals and other businesses. Features include sculpted contours, exposed aggregate and colored concrete.

    • Concrete Utility Pad
      Glacier Precast Concrete utility pads

      Concrete Utility Pad: 2′ x 4′ x 4″, these versatile pads work well for a number of applications. Frequently they are used as a base for air conditioning units and mailbox supports, trash can pads, barbecue grill pads etc. Approximate weight: 400#. Custom pads can be poured in any size or thickness you require.

    • Concrete Piers
      Round concrete pier digital render

      Concrete Piers: Generally these are a custom item of cylindrical shape, poured in diameters of 24″ or 30″ and up to 12′ in height. Typical uses include supports for decks, buildings, fences and other structures such as light poles and power sub-station equipment.

    • Small Pier/Sono Tube
      Glacier Precast Concrete Small Pier/Sono Tubes

      Small Piers and Sono-tubes: Two sizes of square pyramids (9 x 9 x 6″ Ht. and 16 x 16 x 12″ Ht.) work well as deck and basement post supports and blocking up mobile homes. Thrust blocks are a shorter version of the piers, and work well as supports for mobile homes, propane tanks, etc. They serve to keep wood blocking raised above moisture levels and provide a stable base. For larger applications we build a cylindrical Sono-tube support, with 16″ diameter tapered base, 9″ top diameter and 36″ height.

    • 3' or 4' Dry Well
      Glacier Precast Concrete 3ft dry well

      3′ or 4′ Dry Wells (perforated barrels): 36″ ID x 36″ Ht. or the 48″ version (48″ ID x 48″ Ht.) These convenient structures work for a wide variety of drainage applications. They can be fitted with cast iron manhole rings and covers, slotted drains or beehive drains to provide optimum convenience.

    • 3' Wet Well
      Glacier Precast Concrete 3ft wet well

      3′ Wet Wells: 36″ ID x 36″ Ht. This item creates an excellent protective structure for sprinkler pumps and control banks. It can be fitted with a concrete, plastic or fiberglass lid or cast iron manhole ring and cover for access.

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