Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Two Great Retaining Wall Options

The Magnum Stone Gravity Wall

One of our most sought after products is the MagnumStone™ Gravity (PMB) Precast Modular Block retaining wall system. The way the system works is the PMB structures are lower in height that use the MagnumStone™ unit weight in addition to the gravel core infill to resist earthly pressures from behind and on top of the wall. The 2”/unit (4.5 degree or 1”/vertical foot) batter or setback of the MagnumStone™ wall along with proper soil conditions below and behind the wall provide the stability of the structure. This provides a more secure and sturdy retaining wall versus the other options on the market.

The Magnum Stone Geogrid Wall

The Magnum Stone Geogrid Wall is another retaining wall option through Glacier Precast. These are great at retaining high slopes, usually over 6 feet high. Geogrid Retaining Walls create tall retaining wall systems by reinforcing the soil behind the MagnumStone™.

We have noticed that parking lots, roadways, water applications or positive slopes above may require geogrid reinforcement to resist the increased pressures behind the retaining wall. Glacier Precast’s Geogrid system will resist the active forces behind the wall if used with the appropriate lengths, layers, and compacted backfill materials necessary. Use our cost effective Geogrid system for your very tall wall structures.

Benefits of Glacier Precast Retaining Walls

  • 2 ft H x 4 ft W vertical face per piece (8 ft2)
  • Weigh 1380 lbs each
  • Stackable and interlocking
  • Interlocking extenders which allow you to design a wall that will not tip and can be 20-50 ft tall
  • Rock Design
  • Easy for a contractor to install
  • Costs 2-3x less than natural rock
  • Installation costs are 1/4 of natural rock installation costs
  • Degrades back into earth components at end of life

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