Sewage system are critical pieces of equipment we use daily in our homes, businesses and factories.  You don’t think about it because they are so reliable. Industrial sewage systems have done more to reduce death than any other invention.  Good sanitation helps prevent cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, Hepatitis A, typhoid and polio.  Septic system support the family when you are not on public sewer.


If you live outside the city and away from the sewer system you need to have an on site septic system (counties don’t allow outhouses any more).  A septic system is sized based on the number of bedrooms you have in your house, the differential elevation between your house and septic system and the soil loading rate.  Each system is individually determined and is coordinated between the county, your contractor and us.


What information do we need to help you design your septic system?

  1. The county septic site evaluation and design report which gives us the number of bedrooms, the soil loading rate, the direction laterals will need to go and expected lateral length required.
  2. We need to know the distance from the septic tank to the proposed drain field.  This is the force main distance.
  3. The elevation difference between the septic tank and the drain field.  We need this so we can get you the right pump and place your weep hole properly to prevent freezing.
  4. A site layout of where your structures are, or will be going.  We need to know where your well is in relation to the expected septic tank and drain fields ( Septic tanks must be at least 50 ft away from the well and drain fields must be at least 100 ft away)


We use our analysis software which tells us what the pumping requirements are and the lateral lengths that will be required.


With the above information we are able to make your design and spec out the required system that meets the county’s needs and your needs for the life of your septic system.  We submit the design to the county and give it to you with a quote.


If needed, we can design our lids so they are drive over as well and if you need to cross a road or driveway we can design the system to make that happen as well.


Most often we are able to deliver your system to you within 5 business days and put it in your hole for you.

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